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Where to Go in Nashville, TN

Trying out to keep my travel checklists organized so when some asks me for recommendations, I'll have it on the fly. I'm actually not too sure if I used "on the fly" correctly. Doesn't it technically coincide with "wing it"? If so, then maybe I didn't use it correctly at all.

Regardless of colloquialisms, thought an organized list of places to eat, visit, and just enjoy would be nice to have.

As some of you know, it's been a few months since I've been in Nashville, TN. I definitely wish I had more time there, but guess I just have more of an excuse to visit again. From the friendly people to the nonstop live music, I can't say enough good things. It's a city where Johnny Cash plays the soundtrack of wandering souls filling themselves with barbecue and whiskey.



- Wander down Broadway and enter any honky tonk. They will almost always have live music and entertainment

- More of an upper scale feel


- Line goes out the door, but moves pretty fast

- They run out of certain donuts, so go early. You can also call them and "reserve" donuts for pick up

- Order online for pick up, then eat pick up order at the bar seating or take it home! Regular dining line is way too long

- Go early and you'll be able to get dinner seating in the live music section. Much less crowded than the usual honky tonks, but with equally great music and amazing Southern food


- look at the schedule for any fairs or events taking place

- technically, you have to pay to enter, but it's free to take photos outside

- look at the schedule for any fairs or events taking place




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