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Rice Krispy Monster Pops

I know I already have a rice krispy recipe from last year. Honestly, it's the exact same recipe. I just put it on a lollipop stick, coated it in white chocolate, and popped an eye on it. You don't have to include the matcha; I made half with matcha powder for the green guys and half without matcha for the typical white ghosts. This probably doesn't require a full out post, and I might just do photo only posts in the future of different versions of recipes I already have. But for now, I'm just going to ramble for everyone who's reading.

Do you know how difficult it was to figure out how to make rice krispy treats stick to a lollipop stick? First off, it's so sticky! I felt like a kindergartner after snack time...or art with glue. Secondly, it took me an embarrassing length of time to figure out how to ball up rice krispy treats on a stick without getting too sticky and getting it perfectly compact without crushing the living daylights out of it. Trick is to use parchment paper to cover the krispy treat, ball it up, then unwrap. The key is to let it cool prior to dipping it in chocolate, otherwise it'll break apart and be a hot, gooey mess all over the place. It's like an edible Jackson Pollack. Now that would be a wonderful art show: art you can see and eat...

Enjoy your Halloween treats everyone and stay safe!


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