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Lazy Salmon and Asparagus Lunch

Did you know that mature female salmon carry 22% of their body weight in eggs? If that were me, I'd off-load those eggs in a heartbeat. Hello, summer body! But while we're on the topic of salmon, I'm here to share my recipe of what I eat at work most days: SALMON and ASPARAGUS.

Be forewarned, the food I cook is not based on its nutritional factors but more so because I'd scarf it all down before it ends up in the compost bin. Plus the flavors, embrace that no one fruit, vegetable, grain, meat, or even spice is alike. Look at this recipe, it has SIX ingredients and takes about 10 minutes out of my day.


  • 1 - Salmon filet

  • A handful of asparagus (washed)

  • A dash of salt

  • A dash of pepper

  • 1 - tablespoon of minced garlic

  • 1-teaspoon of olive oil

Disclaimer: Depending on my laziness, I will prep my food for a few days or I'd make just one serving a time. However many people or days you're cooking for, just try to remember third grade and those dreaded multiplication tables or use a calculator (sometimes I just count on my hands).

Prep: Wash and cut your asparagus to a desired length.

Start by sprinkling salt and pepper to both sides of your salmon filet. I'm forecasting my laziness this week and decided to make three-days worth of lunches.

Toss some olive oil onto the pan at med-high heat and throw your washed and cut asparagus onto the pan. Sprinkle some pepper, a very tiny bit of salt, and a tablespoon of garlic (you could do without the garlic if you want, but I like warding off vampires with my garlic breath) onto your asparagus. Your asparagus shouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes to cook. If I were to only make one serving, I'd cook the salmon and asparagus at the same time in the same pan because I like efficiency and doing as little as possible. Work smarter not harder.

Set your asparagus to the side and try not to eat it all. I always end up with half the asparagus I started with by plating time because I'm a muncher. Now to sizzle some salmon. Lay your seasoned filet onto the same pan for approximately 2-3 minutes on each side. Then plate your food and you're done! Probably took you less time to cook this than it took me to write this post.

There may have been more asparagus on that plate before the photo was taken. Hey, it was a long 6 minutes and I got hungry. Let me know what other ways you eat salmon or if you gave this a try.


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