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Food Talk: Melt in Your Mouth Pizza

I’m dripping sweat and can barely lift my arms above my shoulder because of pure muscle failure. I just had a kick-butt workout, so I should be thinking about eating a salad or pounding back a green juice. But all I’m thinking about is: how can I quickly get an entire pizza into my stomach. Now if only I could decide on what pizza to order.

Last night, I asked my poor boyfriend to order a pizza, but I didn't give him specifics. For all you guys out there, I'm sure you understand how daunting that is because we all know that if you don't get the one we're in the mood for, you won't hear the end of it. He came home with a pepperoni and sausage pizza (pictured below). I just wanted to pick all the sausages off the pizza and eat them all, that's how good it was. The cheese was so gooey and stringy, I felt like I was at a fondue dinner. But the crust was such a dud. And he knew from the look on my face that I didn't love it (even though I had three slices; hey, pizza is pizza).

So much goes into putting a pizza together. Much like building a house, it all starts with the foundation, in this case: the dough. For me, I like that balance between medium and thin, where it's just thicker than a cracker but less dense than a baguette. Let's be honest, we like our houses to be sturdy enough to withstand natural disasters (Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund) but also thin enough for phone and internet services. I could go into the rest of the toppings of a pizza, but much like anything else, personal preference is the determining factor.

What really fascinates me is why people order pizza. I'd love to follow a pizza deliverer around and survey people. Are they a lonely, hard-working professional, who brings work home and needs a quick pick-me-up? Are they having a kid's team party with ten boxes of pizza to satisfy everyone's pickiness? Are they having a boys' night with the XBox on and beer cans scattered about? There's always a reason behind each order and every pizza that gets delivered has a story to tell.

For me, I always each pizza with my friends and family as a positive note either at the end of a long day or to celebrate. There's too much bad in the world to put a negative light on such a fun, warm, comforting dish.


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