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Food Talk: Crispy, Golden Fries

Shoestrings! No, not the things that always seem to undo themselves five minutes after you tie them. FRIES. I'm talking about the golden, crispy, order-me-an-extra-large goodness that is french fries.

This post will contain photos of many orders of fries I've consumed overtime. So if you have to pause and grab an order for yourself before you continue reading, here's your chance.

Classic and timeless probably are not two words you'd like of associating with fries. There are very few foods which can exceed cultures and generations. The strength comes from the fact that fries can be independent, unreliant on extras. But with added ingredients, the snack changes and blossoms into a meal. A meal full of flavor and expression of their origins.

I can be in a restaurant in California and be instantly transported to South America with the rich flavor of yuca/cassava fries. Or load up some gravy, beef, and cheese curds for a trip to Canada. I can be nearly broke and still not be restricted (definitely guilty of indulging in McDonald's fries). I can also be fancy and indulge in an order of Parmesan, truffle fries. I have an appreciation for the enduring aspect of fries because long after you and I pass, people will still be indulging in these crispy, golden treats. Do you like fries? What style do you enjoy eating? Where's your go-to spot for fries?


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